Daytona's Automotive in Springfield

Used Car Inspection

Used Car Inspection

Take some of the guesswork out of buying a new-to-you vehicle. Let our technicians check it out for you before you buy.

Oil Changes

Need a quick oil change to keep you up and running? Stop into Daytona's for a Castrol brand oil change!

Brake Service & Repair

Brake Service and Repair Daytona's Automotive Springfield MO

Brakes squeaking or starting to feel different than normal? Stop in and let us take a look.

Engine Service

We know engines inside and out. Need engine service or maintenance in Springfield? Daytona's has you covered, quickly and cost efficiently.


Is your car pulling, tires wearing unevenly? Daytona's can do  2 and 4 wheel drive alignments to keep you driving down the road.


Daytona's offers reduced or free towing for our customers in Springfield with minimum repair purchase.